Dinki Human is Ethically Made in the UK

Dinki Human is Ethically Made in the UK

Since starting the Dinki Human brand in 2016 I have been working away in my small home studio making all products myself. Leaving my employment in early 2017 I set out to build a life I loved, a life where I could be a mum, and pursue my creative passions. I made the decision to outsource manufacture of my next range, allowing me to grow my business. I was keen to have my own exclusive prints and quantities that allowed me to grow my customer base.

The new Dinki Human range of kids clothing and baby blankets has been manufactured in a fantastic factory in the North of the UK. The factory specialises in clothing for babies and children, and are highly experienced in manufacturing for this market, adhering to very strict safety regulations.

I have spent a long time sourcing the best materials and suppliers that fit with the brand’s ethos and I’m keen my brand supports the revival of British clothing manufacture.

The UK fashion and textile industry: Contributes £29.7 billion in GVA to the UK economy. Employs 880,000 people, over 105,000 of which are in manufacturing

Source: UKFT

This revival has created a growing job market in the UK, and appeals to brands like Dinki Human wanting a transparent and ethical supply chain. There is an increasing consumer led demand for “Made in the UK” as the consumer is more and more aware of the influence they have and the impact of their buying power. The more we demand ethically made, environmentally-conscious product, the more we contribute to change.

We believe in authenticity and transparency so if you have any questions please email hello@dinkihuman.com.


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