Dinki Human Loves Organic Cotton!

ESTER FORD | 19 November, 2018

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Fans of Dinki Human will know we love to do all we can to integrate eco-friendly practices into our work. Where possible we love to push sustainable design and manufacture. We are therefore very happy to introduce our range of Organic Cotton products.

The main environmental benefits of using organic cotton is that it's farmed without the use of pesticides, or modified seeds, which not only benefits the health of cotton farmers and their local communities but is also better for the environment and biodiversity. Cotton farming makes up just 3% of total farmed land area but a shocking 25% of insecticides and 10% of pesticides used worldwide, the environmental impact of this is huge, particularly the impact on our water supplies.

There is also a huge benefit to using organic cotton for clothing, particularly for babies and children; organic cotton is hypoallergenic, safe to use on sensitive skin, has a lovely soft hand feel, sustainable and environmentally friendly, breathable, moisture-wicking, and is naturally strong and durable.

Ethical design and manufacture is something we're passionate about. It is part of our brand DNA, and it can be seen from print and garment design, all the way through to product packaging (read our blog post on plastic free packaging). Even our hang tags have been printed on 100% recycled cotton made from t-shirt offcuts, utilising waste from the fashion industry.

We have an extensive range of organic cotton products in production, this will be launched in early 2019. So look out for our organic cotton leggings, blankets, tees, sleepsuits, and play mats. And if you're not signed up to our mailing list yet, go ahead and get signed up for an exclusive range preview before anyone else sees!



*disclaimer - at the time of writing the Dinki Human product range is not entirely organic, although we'd like to be one day! With your support we can grow our business and transition to 100% organic cotton brand.


*EDIT - February 2019 - all Dinki Human is now Organic cotton - HORRRRRAY!


Source: What is organic cotton and is it worth it? James Smith (June 2018)

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