Dinki Human uses GOTS certified Organic Cotton

Dinki Human uses GOTS certified Organic Cotton

Last year I blogged about the brands love of Organic Cotton (read that blog post here). The original post was about the benefits of using organic cotton, and there are many, many benefits! This is something we feel very passionate about, so having launched our new range I am thrilled to say the entire range was produced using 100% Organic Cotton that is GOTS certified. You may or may not have not heard of the term “GOTS certified” so I’m here to explain what it means!

Essentially, when an organic cotton product is GOTS certified, it has passed some very high quality standards in order to receive that status. The Standard is recognised on a worldwide scale, and it’s aim is to define world-wide recognised requirements that ensure organic status of textiles, from harvesting of the raw materials, through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing up to labelling in order to provide a credible assurance to the end consumer”

Unlike food, organic cotton doesn’t legally have to be certified to be classified as organic, so sometimes when a brand refers to a product as ‘organic’, it could mean only a percentage of the fibres are organic, or perhaps it was entirely organic but then it was dyed using toxic chemicals and therefore stripping the cloth of it’s wonderful organic benefits such as it’s hypoallergenic nature.

Compliance with the standard covers four main criteria; fibre production (ensuring the origin of the cotton right back to the seed), processing and manufacturing (ensuring the product’s organic nature isn’t compromised through dying, mixing or un-environmentally friendly practise), technical quality, and social compliance (ensuring everyone in the supply chain is fairly treated and safe).

GOTS certification means you won’t find;

  • Genetically Modified Seeds
  • Toxic chemicals used in dyes and washing processes
  • Poor treatment of labourers or unhealthy and dangerous working environments
  • Pollution of soil and water through the use of pesticides
  • Microfibres that pollute oceans

What this means for Dinki Human.

All this means you can rest assured our range is produced in an environmentally and ethically sound way that fits with our ethos. We choose to spend more money on fantastic quality materials, and therefore sacrifice profit margin to ensure our range is fair to everyone.

For any more information check out the GOTS website here.



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