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Dinki Ethos

What Is Sustainable Fashion And Why Do We Need To Change The Way We Shop? (Pt. 1)

This is the first in a series of blogs covering sustainable fashion, and responsible manufacture. Dinki Human is mindful of it's impact on our planet, we are an organic kids clothes brand with heart.

Dinki Human uses GOTS certified Organic Cotton

The entire Dinki Human organic kids clothes range is made using GOTS certified Organic Cotton, you can rest assured our range is produced in an environmentally and ethically sound way that fits with our ethos. We choose to spend more money on fantastic quality materials, and therefore sacrifice profit margin to ensure our range is fair to everyone.

Dinki Human is Ethically Made in the UK

The new Dinki Human range of organic kids clothes has been manufactured in a fantastic factory in the North of the UK. The factory specialises in clothing for babies and children, and are highly experienced in manufacturing for this market, adhering to very strict safety regulations. The range will include baby blankets, baby leggings, baby bodysuits and kids leggings. We're thrilled to have partnered up with some fantastic British manufacturers.

Dinki Human Packaging is Plastic Free!