Dinki Friends... Meet Sarah AKA boss lady of The Infinite Closet

Ester Ford | 28 May, 2021

            Dinki Friends... Meet Sarah AKA boss lady of The Infinite Closet

I love chatting to fellow small-biz owners about what gets them going and what grinds their gears about being your own boss. I have created a series of Q&As with some of my fave small brand owners in the hope we can share some behind the scenes insight into our lives as women in business. 

The Infinite Closet is such a cool concept and it would be so good to see the clothing rental market grow in the UK as a remedy to our over-consumption of fast fashion.

Who are ya?

Sarah Korich — Founder and CEO of Infinite Closet

How and when did you come up with the idea for The Infinite Closet?

In NYC, renting clothing is a popular way to expand your closet and have access to new clothes without buying them. When I moved to London 2 years ago I expected to find a similar business model here in the UK, only to realize there wasn’t anything like it. During my MBA program, we were assigned a project where we had to pitch a new business idea, and I pitched Infinite Closet. My classmates loved the concept and the university encouraged me to pursue the business idea and they could potentially sponsor my visa to stay in the UK and bring it to life. I decided, why not?! And the rest is history. My co-founder and I have been working on our platform for a year now and are launching this summer!

What things do you enjoy most in your job as The Infinite Closet Boss Lady?

- I help support small businesses — I love to encourage people to change the way they shop and help them discover independent ethical and sustainable brands. 
- I do what I love — I love sustainability, I love fashion, and I love creating something that people connect with. Getting to do all these things in my daily role makes so incredibly happy. 
- Marketing and research — this is my bread and butter and what I’ve done in my career for the last 10+ years. So getting to do that now for my own company is so exciting and challenging in a way I never got to experience in my corporate career. 

What things do you enjoy least? 

- Budgets — going from large corporate budgets to a startup is such a weird transition!
- Working 24/7 — When you’re the boss, you’re in charge of everything and your work is constantly on your mind. Thankfully I have a great co-founder to work with as well! 
- I spend way too much time staring at my computer screen and phone. I constantly have to remind myself to disconnect!

Any advice for anyone starting out in the world of small biz ownership?

I recommend finding a business partner if you can— having someone to bounce ideas off of, help with your work load, and just understand what you’re going through makes life so much easier! She often keeps me in check and having someone who has different strengths from me really helps us ensure we are constantly thinking through all of our business decisions from a variety of perspectives. 

What are your hopes and dreams for the future of The Infinite Closet? Where do you see yourself in 3 years time?

Infinite Closet wants renting to become the norm for everyone. Our goal is to create the ultimate closet in the clouds, allowing our customers to be able to shop with us, rent with us, and learn with us. We aim to not just be a way to rent, but a way for customers to fully embrace our ethos— support small businesses (especially sustainable, ethical, minority owner or women owned brands), move away from fast fashion brands and create a more sustainable future, and make sustainable fashion affordable for the average consumer. In 3 years we hope to expand to not only the UK, but to other main European hubs and make it easy for travellers to be able to access their rentals from wherever they are. 

What’s your favourite breakfast?

Iced coffee and a BEC (bacon egg and cheese sandwich on a croissant). YUM! 

Where can we find you?

Personal contact: 
Infinite Closet Contact: 


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