Dinki Friends

Dinki Friends... Meet Rosie AKA Boss Lady of 'PR Dispatch'

Any advice for anyone starting out in the world of small biz ownership?

“Being all things to all people is a recipe for mediocrity”. I lived by this saying when creating both LFA & PR Dispatch. I focused on doing one thing really well for a small audience. 

Dinki Friends... Meet Sophie and Effie AKA Boss Ladies of Sleep Thief

I met the lovely ladies of Sleep Thief at a pop-up market in London - their range of organic sleepsuits are ethically made in the UK and designed to last, just like Dinki Human. Hooray!

Dinki Friends... Meet Chaz AKA Boss Lady of Loving By Nature

Loving by Nature in Dorchester is a cloth nappy and baby goods shop and Dinki Human stockist. Charlotte offers advice and demonstrations on cloth nappies and aims to make washable nappies mainstream again. She runs the shop with her young daughter in tow - super mama!

Dinki Friends... Meet Abi AKA Boss Lady of Red Hand Gang!

Abi and I met via Instagram, I came across her beautiful wooden hangers and fell in love with her fab feed! I featured her in a Dinki Human Gift Guide and I love that our products are UK made.

Dinki Friends... Meet Gabrielle AKA Boss Lady of House of Hooray!

What 3 things do you enjoy most in your job as House of Hooray Boss Lady?I enjoy creating new Ideas the most, I love the process from first having the idea to making the first sample. I love being my own boss and the freedom that brings. I love the lovely messages I get from customers some of them have been really touching and its lovely to think that something I made hangs in their home and brings them joy.

Dinki Friends.... Meet Alix AKA Boss Lady of Bandit Circus!

Alix and I met via Instagram, I came across her beautiful, bold bags and fell for Frida! We use our Bandit Circus backpack daily, I love it's versatility (it's designed to be carried by kid or owner of kid - in my case, it's me carrying it all the time!) and the prints are gorgeous. Go check out to see what Alix is up to!

Dinki Friends..... Meet Emma AKA Boss Lady of Little Hotdog Watson

So pleased to have the lovely Emma of Little Hotdog Watson as my first "guest". We met many years ago (that makes us sound far older than we are)  working in a massive retail company headquarters. Years went by, we grew babies, and then one evening a couple of years ago scrolling through Instagram and planning my new life building a brand, I came across Little Hotdog Watson.