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Dinki Friends

Dinki Friends... Meet Sophie and Effie AKA Boss Ladies of Sleep Thief

I met the lovely ladies of Sleep Thief at a pop-up market in London - their range of organic sleepsuits are ethically made in the UK and designed to last, just like Dinki Human. Hooray!

Dinki Friends..... Meet Sarah AKA Boss Lady of Cub & Pudding

I love chatting to fellow small-biz owners about what gets them going and what grinds their gears about being your own boss. I have created a series of Q&As with some of my fave small brand owners in the hope we can share some behind the scenes insight into our lives as women in business.

Dinki Friends..... Meet Emma AKA Boss Lady of Little Hotdog Watson

So pleased to have the lovely Emma of Little Hotdog Watson as my first "guest". We met many years ago (that makes us sound far older than we are)  working in a massive retail company headquarters. Years went by, we grew babies, and then one evening a couple of years ago scrolling through Instagram and planning my new life building a brand, I came across Little Hotdog Watson.