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You've entered the third trimester, (or you're SUPER organised and wanted to be packed up and ready as soon as you had your 20 week scan!) you can see the end in sight! The end of pregnancy and the start of a new adventure, how exciting and nerve-wracking!

Throughout  my pregnancy I found the more organised I was, the more prepared I felt, and therefore the more ready I was. For this mama, knowledge was power, the more resources I read/listened to/watched, the better I felt. I made lists upon lists upon lists of things I wanted done, all part of the inevitable 'nesting' phase I guess.

Packing my hospital bag allowed me to imagine the realities of birth. The amazing feeling of dressing baby for the first time and the less great feeling of knowing I'll need heaps of maternity pads and huge knickers in the days/weeks post-partum healing stage.

The handy and completely free Hospital Bag Checklist takes into account different birth scenarios so will be relevant for those having water births or c-sections, those planning to breastfeed or bottle feed etc. Because, as we all know, every birth is different and things don't always go to plan.

It's always good to hear positive birth stories, so I thought you should know I loved giving birth to my daughter, it was magical! My labour was long and she was overdue, but I was lucky enough to have a drug-free water birth and I was home again by the time by baby was 3 hours old. The best part of being prepared for labour was the snacks! I'd recommend taking the picnic packing very seriously!

To get your free 'Mum-to-be' Hospital Bag Checklist click here.

dinki human blog download your free hospital bag packing checklist for expectant parents

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