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In my career as a designer I've been lucky enough to travel the world looking for inspiration. Since "going it alone" and starting up my own business finding the time and budget for design research travel can be tricky. So I was overjoyed to get the chance to visit Brooklyn Flea last week (on my honeymoon in New York!). It is a treasure trove of vintage pieces, whilst my husband is scouring for all things photography-based I was thrilled to find a great selection of vintage toys and games. I love the fuzzy, nostalgic feeling I get from finding trolls with matted multicoloured tufts on the top of their heads, and remembering practising my early sewing skills with retro cardboard animals and shoelaces. The Yankees paraphernalia, sun bleached flags, popcorn paper bags, and vintage Americana packaging sold the all-American dream of days gone by.

It was so nice to see pre-loved toys and games being appreciated once more and served as a great reminder to avoid filling our homes with plastic toys with short life-spans, I like to buy toys that will stand the test of time. It was great to get some inspiration for the 'Dinki Treasures' collection that will be launching soon... watch this space!

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