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Designing the ‘Peace and Power’ Print

dinki human unisex gender neutral print design peace and power

Truth be told at the time of designing the ‘Peace and Power’ print I was going through some emotional turmoil. Designing and developing the first ‘proper’ Dinki Human organic kids clothes range took a long time (by ‘proper’ I mean with growth in mind; my own exclusive prints, bigger quantities and involving a manufacturer). Probably years, if you include research, saving, and dreaming. After spending months drawing and creating many print designs I was struggling to commit to a limited number of prints. There was a lot riding on this collection. This print idea forced itself out of me at a time that couldn’t have been more relevant.

One of the people I’m closest to in my life struggles with mental health issues and after a real low point I hit a wall and felt I had nothing left to offer in the way of help and advice. The pain was overwhelming, I was anxious and upset all the time and dreaded the phone ringing in case someone was calling to give me bad news. After a particularly distressing phone call I asked myself how I would protect my daughter from feeling this pain. I quickly concluded I couldn’t, and shouldn’t, but that I’d like to teach her to be able to express her anxieties freely, and to never be afraid to share any emotional struggles.

We all want our children to live in a world ofpeace and without turmoil, and we want them to have a voice, to feel they can express themselves honestly and freely, to be connected with their feelings and with that, to bepowerful.

This print celebrates the voice of our children, the voice of the future. The lightning bolt is the spark within, that keeps us fighting for those we love and what we believe in. I often find myself saying ‘I hope things are better when you’re a grown up” to my daughter.

My daughter is a strong-willed “sass queen” for sure, and although these are characteristics that can be hard to parent in the aisle of a supermarket, they are marvellous traits to have going into adulthood, my husband and I are raising a fiercely strong independent female.

This print has a lot to say! But you wouldn’t want any old print from the first ‘proper’ Dinki Human collection now would you?! We are more than an organic kids clothes brand - we want to inspire and empower children, and protect our planet for future generations. All our prints are designed by myself (Ester) in my home studio on the South Coast of the UK. These prints are exclusive, you won't find them anywhere else.

I spoke to Mind, the mental health charity, that day. Mind offer advice and support to anyone affected by a mental health problem, they are a fantastic service! For more information please visit the Mind Charity website. Or if you need someone to talk to call them on 0300 1233393

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