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Designing the 'Weekdays' Print

dinki human weekdays print on organic cotton unisex gender neutral kids baby style

“The Weekdays” print is a contemporary version of the old favourite that is said to originate from the 1500s. The day a child was born was said to directly impact the child's temperament and fortune. Although I’m a sucker for starsigns, the only thing that seems to affect my daughters temperament is amount of snacks in her system and how much sleep she’s had….

My Tuesday baby DEFINITELY asks for lots of cuddles!

Mondays child chases bubbles,

Tuesdays child asks for cuddles.

Wednesdays child loves to squiggle,

Thursdays child laughs and giggles.

Fridays child is always in style,

Saturdays child is full of smiles.

Sundays child is wild and free,

and as sassy as can be!

What days were your children born? Does the poem fit with their personalities? If not, which day would suit them best?

We are more than an organic kids clothing brand - we want to inspire and empower children, and protect our planet for future generations. All prints are designed by myself (Ester) in my home studio on the South coast of the UK. These prints are exclusive, you won't find them anywhere else. 

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