Dinki DIY - Ikea DUKTIG Play Kitchen Hack

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Dinki DIY - Ikea DUKTIG Play Kitchen Hack

Pinterest is a wonderful thing! I LOVE LOVE LOVE being inspired by it, particularly by the DIY/Makes that can be found. The Ikea DUKTIG play kitchen hack is a popular one, there are thousands of Pins!

When my daughter turned 1 late last year I decided to embark on my own DUKTIG hack adventure! I'm choosing to blog about it now as nearly a year on, I may have done things a little differently! There's nothing like a good bit of toddler testing to show you how you would do things again if you had the chance!

I decided on a blue/grey paint colour, marble (sticky plastic obviously!) worktop, textured wallpaper backboard, and copper spray painted sink, tap and door handles.

To achieve this look I used;

  • 'Montana Black' spray paint in 'Whale', a deep dusty grey/blue, and it took 2 coats to get strong coverage, with a further two coats of a clear varnish.
  • 'Montana Gold' spray paint in 'Copper'
  • Scotch and Soda wallpaper - doesn't seem to exist anymore!
  • Marble effect self adhesive contact paper from ebay - there’s plenty to choose from.
  • Stick on plastic hooks
  • Stick-on led battery powered light (under the microwave)
  • 2 Leopard print tea towels from H&M Home, cut in half and hemmed to make 4 placemats

The last two images show my daughter playing with her kitchen at 21 months, and after 9 months of consistent use I'm happy with my efforts! The worktop and backboard are as good as new, however there are some chips in the cupboard paint. If I did it again I would have painted all the woodwork with a more robust gloss to avoid this. The copper spray painted tap, sink and handles has worn, and I'm not sure any paint would have done much better, I think this has happened due to the smooth surface of the plastic, so perhaps I should have just left it silver. I will try some options and add to this post within the next few months.

This is a really fun project and a great tool for play for any child, we've enjoyed this mini kitchen a lot.

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