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Dinki Friends... Meet Kirby AKA Boss Lady of Alf & Co.

Dinki Friends... Meet Kirby AKA Boss Lady of Alf & Co.

I love chatting to fellow small-biz owners about what gets them going and what grinds their gears about being your own boss. I have created a series of Q&As with some of my fave small brand owners in the hope we can share some behind the scenes insight into our lives as women in business. 

Alf & Co. are a fabulous stockist of Dinki Human and Kirby is so inspiring! I've watched her business journey in awe as she navigated growing her brand through a pandemic. She adapted so quickly, right after opening her bricks and mortar store and having to close it due to lockdown restrictions, she took to Instagram to present her stock and make sales, all alongside mothering her two babes. I look forward to seeing Alf & co. grow.

Who are ya?

I’m Kirby, owner of recently opened Children's Lifestyle Store Alf & Co.

How and when did you come up with the idea for Alf & Co.?

Over 2 years ago when I couldn’t return to my job as a High Street Childrenswear Buyer after having my little boy Alfie. I knew I needed to keep my creativity going and felt it was so unfair to leave that industry after I had worked so hard in it for so many years. It was time to do something in my local community for myself!

What things do you enjoy most in your job as Alf & Co. Boss Lady?

1/ I absolutely love meeting our lovely community. I live in the area where Alf & Co is based, it is on my High St and I love contributing to that.
2/ A close second is seeing all the little munchkins whose parents shop with us growing up with us. Lots of our lovely customers are regulars so it is so nice to meet them and their little ones and see them on their journey.
3/ One surprising thing I have found I love is being part of the small biz Insta community. There is such a wonderful community on that online platform that really offer so much support to each other and I love being a part of it.

What things do you enjoy least? 

1/ The paperwork! There is a surprising amount which comes with running a Bricks & Mortar shop!
2/  Having to choose...we only have so much space in store and sometimes there are difficult choices to make between products. I usually want them all!
3/ This is maybe one that is very specific to the time I have opened but being in and out of lockdown (which literally started 10 days after we opened in October 2020!) hasn’t been the easiest!

Any advice for anyone starting out in the world of small biz ownership?

Just go for it! If you work hard and really believe in yourself I honestly think you can make a success of your dreams.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future of Alf & Co.? Where do you see yourself in 3 years time?

Alf & Co. was always planned to be more than a kids shop. The idea behind us is that we are community space for like minded families to come to shop, socialise and play. The current pandemic has definitely made this things trickier but with restrictions easing I am really hopeful that we can start to achieve for this for our local community. Ooh and there is also plans in the pipelines for a second Bricks & Mortar shop so watch this space....

What’s your favourite breakfast?

Eggs! I love them all ways. My boyfriend always pokes fun at me that I don’t class it as a proper breakfast if eggs aren’t included! Haha.

Where can we find you?

You can find us in our store in Mapperley Nottingham, online at or on insta

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