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Dinki Friends... Meet Rosie AKA Boss Lady of 'PR Dispatch'

Rosie PR Dispatch on Dinki Human Q&A

I love chatting to fellow small-biz owners about what gets them going and what grinds their gears about being your own boss. I have created a series of Q&As with some of my fave small brand owners in the hope we can share some behind the scenes insight into our lives as women in business. 

I first met Rosie when I attended a 'Raise Your Profile' event she was hosting in London. It was a fab evening listening to the inspiring words of Lucy Werner, and getting an insight in to what PR Dispatch do and how they help small businesses. I joined the membership earlier this year and PR Dispatch have been such a valuable resource for me and my small biz!

Who are ya?

Hello! I’m Rosie. I am originally from the Wirral near Liverpool but have been in London for the past 10 years so I like to say I’m a Northern Soul, Southern Fried. I live in South-East London with my husband, Nick and our 4 month old daughter, Sloane. We also have Milo the dog and Bruce the cat. I am the founder of PR Agency, LFA and the founder of PR membership platform PR Dispatch.

How and when did you come up with the idea for PR Dispatch?

I studied Textile Design at University and like every design student I completed many industry internships to gain experience and one was with an independent brand called Lowie. On the second day, I was given the task of PR. Not having a clue what PR was, I asked for a quick overview so I could get started. The director put a pile of magazines in front of me and asked if I could call and email each one and pitch Lowie's products. A few weeks later, the brand started to receive coverage. I was sold. I convinced them to pay me freelance one day per week and they became my first client.

A few years on and I had enough clients to start an agency (LFA). We were the first agency in the UK to be completely transparent on pricing, expected results and offering a friendly, honest service where we built long term partnerships with clients. We worked with some incredible brands but I kept coming across great brands via LFA that the press would love to feature but who didn’t have the budget to spend thousands on an agency. I thought “what if we put everything we know as an agency into one place for small brands and we charge them a small monthly fee for access”. I tested the concept with a small number of brands and it worked – giving them the tools to do their own PR meant they were pitching to the press the right way and gaining coverage. So in 2017 I launched PR Dispatch.

What things do you enjoy most in your job as PR Dispatch Boss Lady?

Ah wow. So much. But my top 3 would be: 
Working with the team: I am so lucky to work alongside some of the most hard-working, passionate and all round great girls out there. The last few months have been challenging to say the least with COVID and a newborn but the girls have worked so hard and supported me the whole way. 
Getting to know our members: The brands that use our service our incredible. Not only are they lovely small business owners who are passionate about their products, they are supportive of others. Our member's Facebook community group is something that, as a team, we talk about week; it’s so amazing to see brands supporting and encouraging each other. PR was always an industry that was competitive and secretive but together our members are breaking down those barriers to show that you can share information and all be featured. 

Seeing the results: I remember the first day a few years ago when PR Dispatch was new and one of our members received their first piece of coverage in the Metro. I was so emotional about it. I remember thinking this is the future of PR for small businesses. Since then we’ve seen hundreds of pieces of coverage gained by our members but it still gives me the same thrill each time. 

What things do you enjoy least? 

Accounting (who likes accounting)
Business admin. between LFA and PR Dispatch there is a lot of admin, I do have an amazing assistant who helps but some days the list is endless.
And making tough decisions for the greater good of the business.

Any advice for anyone starting out in the world of small biz ownership?

Yes, two things that I have lived by. 
1. Believe in yourself. Lots of people around you will be sceptical and the people that love you won’t want you to fail so might try and talk you out of it (because they care). It’s important to remember your ‘why’. What problem are you solving and why is this important? Surround yourself with fellow small business owners and they will lift you up. 
2. “Being all things to all people is a recipe for mediocrity”. I lived by this saying when creating both LFA & PR Dispatch. I focused on doing one thing really well for a small audience. 

What are your hopes and dreams for the future of PR Dispatch? Where do you see yourself in 3 years time?

In 3 years time, I would love to be living in Somerset and the whole team be working more remotely. Maybe a little office in Bristol and one in London. I hope that we have supported thousands of brands and small businesses with PR but more importantly that we have given them the confidence to do their own PR!

What’s your favourite breakfast?

Eggs Benedict: English Muffin, bacon, egg, hollandaise sauce… I couldn’t have any of this whilst pregnant (raw egg and gestational diabetes) so as soon as Sloane was born this was my first go to. 

Where can we find you?

The best place is on PR Dispatch’s Instagram @prdispatch so send me a message if you want to say hi!


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