Dinki Treasures

ESTER FORD | 09 December, 2018

            Dinki Treasures

"Dinki Treasures" is a collection of unique and limited edition items for the nursery or kids room. Breathing new life in to old, worn out pieces or simply upcycling, or re-decorating items of interest, the "Dinki Treasures" collection offers style, character and opportunities for Play!

Play is such a crucial part of any child's development and education and the massive range of toys available on the market can be overwhelming! I avoid toys I believe are heavily "gendered" as I think toys are one of the main ways we push gender-norms on to our kids, and I try to avoid cheap plastic that I know won't last. Intend to pass on all toys to new owners so they can be appreciated for as long as possible.

I also have a passion for vintage toys and retro play things so when I came up with the idea for the Dinki Treasures Collection I decided to source beautiful vintage finds that would give a nursery, kids room or play room a vintage edge that can't be found on the highstreet.

I've had a great time sourcing some amazing finds so watch this space for regular additions to this fabulous collection.

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