Embracing the Public Learning Curve

ESTER FORD | 19 November, 2018

This morning I listened to one of my fave podcasts “Hashtag Authentic” from Sara Tasker aka@me_and_orla (if you don’t listen already you should do!)

Episode 38 “Crazy Creative People - building a creative business around mental illness” with Beth Kirby aka@local_milk is a really interesting listen, and something she said really resonated with me;@heidijswanson had once told her; “I just embrace the public learning curve”.

This is so good to hear!

I’m not here to show you my complete range of polished products and just sell stuff. I’m here to show you my journey, an honest account of the highs and lows of creative entrepreneurship around raising a family. I’m looking forward to showing new product ranges in months to come but I’m also looking forward to showing you how things are going along the way.

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