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Meet our new stockist... Ottie and the Bea

Ottie and the Bea stocking Dinki Human organic kids clothes

We have welcomed a new stockist to the Dinki Human Stockist Family! 

We caught up with Julia from Ottie and the Bea to celebrate the launch of Dinki Human in this fabulous store, and to find out more about her brand's beginnings and life as a business owner and mother. I LOVE this store, I first visited a year ago and fell in love with the vibe, it is a book lover's paradise and has a beautiful selection of toys. I am honoured Dinki Human is a part of this award winning, great space!

Tell us about Ottie and the Bea, when did you start up shop?

I opened Ottie and the Bea in September 2010.
But the journey to get to that moment started 10 years earlier...
When Bea joined the world we were living in Bath and at that point I thought I would like to run a small boutique hotel- (that didn't happen but who knows, maybe one day).  It was the start of lots of ideas. What happened with the shop was a collision of time and place for me. I found out that I was pregnant again after 9 years and I was nearing 40 and knew that I wanted to do something other than acting. I was looking to do something closer to home that the girls could be involved with and that would be in my local community. 
The specifics of Ottie and the Bea were as a result of Greenwich Council knocking back various suggestions I put to them. Which at the time was incredibly frustrating but ended up being very helpful as it forced me to really hone my business ideas.


How did you come up with the name Ottie and the Bea?

My two daughters are called Beatrix and Ottilie- we didn't want to get the nick name of Bottie so Ottie had to go first and that is why it became 'and THE Bea'- family politics!

What made you want to open a shop?

I opened the shop because I wanted to be closer to home. I had been working as an actress and had been compromising on the work I was prepared to go up for because I didn't want to tour or work away from home - I started to realise that I wasn't doing the kind of work that I wanted to. It coincided with finding out that I was pregnant with our second child.  Bea was 9 when I found out that I was pregnant, she had been desperate for a sibling and had even had a serious chat with me to check that we were doing it right? I had literally sat down and started to think about the skills I had and what i enjoyed and the result was Ottie and the Bea.


What are your hopes and dreams for Ottie and the Bea? 

At Ottie and the Bea we pride ourselves on our customer service and product/ book knowledge. It is difficult to know what the effects of Brexit are going to be. We work closely with lots of European companies such as Djeco - a fantastic French toy company.Véronique Michel-Dalès created Djeco in 1954 and her son now runs the company. But if we are talking about dreams - well I would love to expand on the book clubs and workshops we run. Having run the business for 10 years I am keen to challenge myself to be brave with what I look to achieve.

What do you enjoy most about owning a bricks and mortar store over just selling on your online store?

Ottie and the Bea is very much part of its local community. The interactions with our customers are what I really love from the reticent reader, to the Grandparent wanting help picking a gift to someone wanting to just soak up the colour and space......Every day is different because you never know who will pop in or what the day will bring.

What characteristics should a brand have to be stocked at Ottie and the Bea?

Our criteria for choosing our stock is playability, sustainability, creativity and design.

Where can we find you?

Our website is
All social handles are @OttieandtheBea
Our bricks and mortar is 12 Old Dover Road, London, SE3 7BT
If you are able to visit do coincide your visit with one of our events and we'll pop the kettle on!


You'll be able to find the following organic kids clothes styles from the Dinki Human range at Ottie and the Bea; baby rompers, baby bibs and organic cotton baby blankets.

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