The Community Collection

The Community Collection

The Dinki Human ‘Community’ Collection celebrates unity and togetherness.

The collection is made up of three print stories, the hero ‘Community’ print, ‘Dinkiville’ and ‘Earth Leopard’.

Comfort is key, relaxed fits with room to grow. How the child feels is at the forefront of the design process. Dinki Human clothing is designed to be played in, every style is relaxed and allows freedom of movement. Turn up cuffs on the leggings mean they can be bought bigger and worn for longer. The ‘pass me down’ labels remind our customers to get the most from their Dinki garments, and the introduction of the ‘Pre-Loved Initiative’ will help our products to avoid landfill.

The colour palette is trans-seasonal in earthy, mineral tones rooted in nature and are, as always, gender-neutral.

This collection demonstrates the Dinki Ethos. It is unisex, organic and ethically made. We are so proud to have a transparent supply chain and reliable and responsible measures in place to ensure everyone involved in manufacturing a Dinki product from farmer to machinist is treated fairly.

This collection is what Dinki Human is all about.


Dinki Human community collection ethical kidswear

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