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We shot some of our latest collection on film, and here's why...

Dinki Human shot on film processed at jacks lab bristol film processing lab

We decided to shoot some 'behind the scenes' photos on film for our latest collection. And by film I mean the analogue, 35mm stuff. We love the look of proper film photography and the fact they capture the authentic, candid 'behind the scenes' vibes.

I always like to have physical takeaways like polaroids from a shoot so shooting on film gave me more of this lovely authentic media. It's so nostalgic, I have fond memories of the excitement of getting those holiday snaps back or the anticipation of sending the disposable cameras from a festival off to see if you managed to capture some of the magic on film!

During lockdown in the Covid 19 pandemic my husband was hand developing all his own film in our kitchen, and one day we both discussed whether or not people would pay him to develop their film (mortgage to pay and all!). Fast-forward to today and he now runs his own film processing lab, aptly named Jack's Lab. It was meant to be! There has been a big resurgence in shooting film over the last few years, so much so, that demand for film is outweighing supply. Perhaps after years of filling our phone camera reels with thousands of photos we're starting to crave quality over quantity? 

I mean, I take so many phone pics every day and I'm obsessed with collecting these digital memories of my daughters as they grow, but WOW getting my film photos back from the lab was such a thrill! Now I want to learn how to improve 'real' photography skills and shoot more!

film photography for dinki human photoshoot processed at jacks lab

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