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Why I Love Cloth Nappies And Think You Will Too

So here it is in a nutshell - every baby uses an average of 5500 nappies before they’re potty trained, if you’re using disposables they’re ending up in landfill and it is estimated that each of those nappies will take 500 years to decompose - that’s a horrifying picture right there! As a mum I just can’t live with that and as a business owner it goes entirely against the Dinki Human ethos, the use of disposable plastics and toxic chemicals has a deeply damaging effect on our planet.

Dinki DIY : Dolls House

Having shown a growing interest in role-play, giving little voices to her toys and acting out scenarios inspired by day-to-day life I decided a dolls house would be a good idea for this birthday. 

The cost of the project was minimal in comparison to buying a ready-made item, our money went on the Maileg toys and I'm pleased as I see them as collectables that will be treasured for years to come. I also like that this is the kind of gift that can grow with my children, they can re-decorate, move things around, add and take away as their interests change and evolve.

More updates to the nursery!

As I said in the last blog post of nursery updates we had more changes planned as soon as the babe grew out of her cot. Well, I'm inpatient, so we went ahead and worked around her cot! She doesn't seem ready for her big girls bed, and that's fine with us!

I had bought some lovely prints from small independent brands and I wanted to share.

Updates to the Nursery

As my baby is growing up (she just turned two), my husband and I decided we needed to do some updates to her nursery - mainly to provide storage solutions for the ever-growing stack of books and cuddly toys!

Dinki Days Out : Biscuiteers Boutique and Icing Cafe with a two year old

Dinki DIY - Ikea DUKTIG Play Kitchen Hack

Baby's Gender-Neutral Nursery