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Family Life

Dinki DIY : Dolls House

Having shown a growing interest in role-play, giving little voices to her toys and acting out scenarios inspired by day-to-day life I decided a dolls house would be a good idea for this birthday. 

The cost of the project was minimal in comparison to buying a ready-made item, our money went on the Maileg toys and I'm pleased as I see them as collectables that will be treasured for years to come. I also like that this is the kind of gift that can grow with my children, they can re-decorate, move things around, add and take away as their interests change and evolve.

Updates to the Nursery

As my baby is growing up (she just turned two), my husband and I decided we needed to do some updates to her nursery - mainly to provide storage solutions for the ever-growing stack of books and cuddly toys!

Dinki DIY - Ikea DUKTIG Play Kitchen Hack

Baby's Gender-Neutral Nursery