dinki human blog gift guides - monochrome newborn baby style gifts

Welcome a brand new Dinki Human in to the world with a thoughtful gift from a small independent brand. I’ve curated a list of monochrome, gender-neutral gift ideas for the arrival of a new baby. Most gifts are suitable up to 6 months so can be given at a baby shower or once baby is born.

1. Seaside Print Sensory Muslin Squares, Etta Loves £26

2. Jane Foster's Black and White, Olive loves Alfie £6.99

3. Adventurer Kids Bucket Hat, Little Hotdog Watson £24.99

4. Knitted Pixie Hood, Mabli Knits £35

5. Peace & Power Print Organic Cotton Blanket, Dinki Human £26

6. Whale bath bucket, Skip Hop. Available at Kidly £8

7. Art Cards for Baby, Jungle Collection, Wee Gallery $12.95

8. Cuddle Bunny Splatter, Wee Gallery $26.95

9. Grace teething necklace, Lara & Ollie £17.95


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