How to source sustainable solutions and build an ethical ethos for your business with Ester Ford, Dinki Human

I really enjoyed recording this podcast episode with Petra, boss lady of The Sustainable Business Club. We chatted about Dinki Human's ethos, and how I built a sustainable brand with integrity following my career in the corporate fashion world.

"As part of this episode, we talk to Ester about the brand’s supply chain, the importance of transparency and how to set out ethical standards and policies for your business. What does that even mean? Well, we uncover why it was so important to Ester to set up these ethical practices, what areas you need to look at and how you too can go about it. We dive deeper into sourcing sustainable solutions and how that impacts pricing and customer awareness. A minefield made simple by Ester through her straight-talking digestible advice."

The podcast episode can be listened to on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. Have a listen and let me know what you thought!

"Ester offers an honest and open message about the importance of self-learning and self-improvement. We discuss how confidence held her back and what she did about it."

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