About Us

I'm Ester - designer, maker, mother, and wife. I'm a lover of tattoos, hip-hop, vegan food and car singalongs (much to the horror of my family).

A friend once said, if you were a wrestler you'd be The Organiser. I enjoy to-do lists with tick boxes.

Ester Ford Founder of Dinki Human Organic Kids Clothes brand based in the UK

Dinki Human was born not long after my daughter. Having spent my pre-baby career in fashion and worked my way up to management level, I had learnt the tools of the trade. My new role as mother made me crave flexibility and a better work/life balance. I left my job to carve out a new career as mother and business owner, to design a life I loved.

Dinki Human is an organic kids clothes brand with an ethos rooted in sustainability, responsible manufacture, and gender-neutrality. I design all the pieces and prints in my home studio on the South Coast of the UK. I work closely with a small team of pattern cutters to ensure great fit and comfort. Garments are designed to last with design features like turn up cuffs to lengthen a pair of leggings. I believe we have a responsibility to take care of our planet for the future of our children. We use organic cotton, non-toxic inks and dyes, recycled and plastic-free packaging, and our Pre-Loved Initiative is designed to ensure our products avoid landfill and that their life-cycle is as long as possible. The brand’s supply chain is transparent and our ethical standards policies ensure everyone involved in making a Dinki Human product has been treated fairly. 

We create unisex and comfort-conscious organic kids clothes designed to last.


To learn more about the Dinki Human Ethos click here.