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Our Ethos

We create comfort-conscious organic kids clothes. The Dinki Human collection is unisex, sustainable, ethically made and designed to last.

We are whole-heartedly committed to staying true to our core values and designing and manufacturing with integrity and respect for all people and the planet.

These values underpin everything we do and our customers can rest assured they're buying from a brand that is; Sustainable, Natural and Fair. 


Dinki Human is sustainable Earth Logo

  • 100% GOTS certified organic materials and non-toxic OEKO-TEX certified dyes.
  • Collections are continuous and non-seasonal. We don't resort to heavy discounting and sales to shift stock. We don't undervalue the labour that went in to making the product. We are not fast-fashion.
  • We have a minimal carbon footprint owed to the fact most of our cotton is grown in Portugal and Turkey so we're not moving raw materials and stock all around the world.
  • We use plastic-free packaging, all paper used is fsc-certified and where possible we re-use packaging.
  • We have minimal fabric wastage, and we use as much of the waste fabric scraps as possible making new products and anything we can't use is recycled.
  • Our Pre-Loved Initiative supports our customers in extending the life cycle of their products. We encourage all our organic kids clothes to be handed down to siblings and friends when they become too small, we also encourage customers to repair any damage, to wash with care and show our customers how they can responsibly recycle.
  • We are a Climate Positive Workforce. On behalf of Dinki Human Ecologi plant trees and fund CO2 reduction projects around the World to offset our carbon emissions.
  • We plant a tree with every order placed.
  • We are official partners of Dotte Resale Platform, giving benefits to customers selling their Dinki Human pieces on to new owners.


Dinki Human is natural and organic

  • Every Dinki product is non-toxic, baby-safe and free from harsh chemicals.
  • We use GOTS certified organic cotton, this means no pesticides were used, avoiding pollution of soil and water, farmers were paid fairly, workers were treated well and no toxic chemicals were used in dyes or washing processes.
  • Organic cotton has a number of benefits particularly for babies and children; it is hypoallergenic, soft, sensitive, moisture-wicking and durable.
  • We don't use any man-made fabrics (like polyesters) for many reasons, primarily because we don't want to contribute to the pollution of our oceans through micro-plastics.
  • We only use GNA or OEKO-TEX certified dyes and printing inks.


Dinki Human is ethical and fair

  • The range is inclusive and gender-neutral. We don't believe in conforming to gender stereotypes and believe every Dinki Human can be whoever they want to be. We want our Dinki Human's to feel happy, safe, joyful and powerful.
  • Every supplier we work with complies with our Ethical Standards Policy. This ensures workers are paid a living wage, working conditions are safe and hygienic, and that child labour, forced labour, discrimination and inhumane treatment is condemned throughout the Dinki Human supply chain.
  • We don't use any animal products. We are cruelty-free.
  • We are entirely transparent and are happy to provide any information required. Please email with any questions. 

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